Colton’s Fallling For Tayshia As ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Tease A Big Jump For Couple During Episode 8 Hometowns

Colton Underwood is facing some intense moments during Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor. Spoilers detail that these Episode 8 hometown dates will follow a pretty standard pattern that echoes what viewers have seen in past seasons, but some new previews and teasers are revealing some specifics.

E! News shares a sneak peek into part of Colton’s hometown date with Tayshia Adams. Fans will remember that Adams and Underwood went bungee jumping during an earlier date and now they’re pushing things to an even more adventurous level.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that Tayshia will have Colton blindfolded as she drives him to a surprise outing. She isn’t telling him what they’re going to be doing, and he jokes about how their relationship is based on trust and that this might be their first fight.

Once Tayshia parks and helps Colton out of the car, she tells him to take his blindfold off. What follows is surprise and a handful of expletives as Underwood realizes that he and Adams will be skydiving. He points out that they’re both afraid of heights, and he’s clearly a bit anxious about this while she’s laughing and getting a kick out of the situation.

Previews for the episode show that Colton and Tayshia will successfully jump out of the plane, and Bachelor spoilers suggest that the experience has a big impact on both of them.

As The Inquisitr has shared, the two will have an intense conversation after skydiving. Colton will thank Tayshia for pushing him outside his comfort zone, and they’ll both verbalize that they’re falling in love with one another.

It looks like this is a pretty great hometown date filled with a massive mix of emotions. The show’s Twitter page shared a short, but hilarious, outtake of Tayshia and Colton in the car making their way to the skydiving venue. She talks about how he doesn’t need to worry, as she’s a great driver, and then his head smacks into the window.

Luckily, the two laugh about it more than anything else, and Bachelor fans will surely enjoy seeing the connection between these two build. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that things will be significantly more serious as Colton meets Tayshia’s family and asks her father for his blessing, but it sounds as if this will be a great date overall.

Once Colton Underwood’s four hometown dates are over, he’ll have to eliminate one of these ladies. Will Tayshia Adams get a rose? The Bachelor spoilers tease that she won’t be done with this journey yet and viewers will want to tune in to Episode 8 airing Monday night to see how it plays out.