MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper May Be Hesitant To Sign With Phillies For Many Reasons

Greg FiumeGetty Images

Bryce Harper has yet to sign with the Phillies or any other MLB team. Fans are getting anxious as the season begins in just four short weeks with spring training games already underway.

According to, there could be an array of issues causing Bryce Harper to drag his feet about signing with the Philadelphia Phillies or any other team, leaving fans confused about why it’s taking so long for the all-star to make a decision.

However, the outlet reveals that there are four major reasons that could explain why Bryce has yet to commit to the Phillies. The first is the other teams. Fans have been hearing about “mystery teams” trying to figure out a way into the Harper sweepstakes.

Teams such as the Cleveland Indians and the L.A. Dodgers have been rumored to be talking to Bryce in hopes of landing a surprise contract with the outfielder.

Over the weekend, Phillies owner John Middleton jumped on a plane and headed to Las Vegas to meet with Bryce, and it’s said that he wasn’t alone. At least one other team was reportedly in Vegas to meet with Harper before he makes his decision.

Another thing holding Harper back could be money. It’s being reported that Bryce is looking to top the $300 million deal that Manny Machado was given by the San Diego Padres last week, but he may also be looking to pass Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 million contract as well.

The report reveals that Bryce Harper will likely be getting a huge contract, and getting there with Philly takes some future planning of years on the contract and future luxury tax concerns for the team.


The number of years on the contract could also be holding up the deal. Manny Machado signed a 10-year deal with the Padres, but Harper may want something different.

The outlet suggests that a nine-year deal could work for Bryce, especially if he’s earning $326 million over that time, which would make him the highest average salary winner in MLB history with the biggest total deal in North American sports history.

There could be a hold up on the details of the contract as well. Harper and the Phillies would have to figure out if he would be able to opt-out of the contract after a certain number of years.

Fans are expecting Bryce Harper to finally announce his decision and sign a deal sometime this week. However, he’s been keeping everyone waiting, and it looks like he’s weighing all of his options in order to get a deal that’s perfect for him.