Bradley Cooper’s Awkward Red Carpet Interview Draws Attention On Social Media

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

Bradley Cooper made one of the most highly-anticipated celebrity appearances on Sunday night’s Oscar Awards. He had a majorly successful past year after starring alongside Lady Gaga in the smash hit A Star is Born. He was nominated for three awards at the ceremony, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Cooper arrived alongside his girlfriend Irina Shayk and was unsurprisingly pulled into many red carpet interviews. One interview in particular with Giuliana Rancic is drawing a lot of attention on social media, according to Cosmopolitan.

Cooper seemed to be trying to remain as humble as Rancic showered him with compliments over his performance in A Star is Born. He was not only one of the stars in the film, but also the director and producer. This fact was brought up many times throughout the night, each time Cooper trying to give the rest of the film’s crew their due praise. Nevertheless, he kept finding himself the center of attention.

During her interview with Cooper, Rancic launched into an emotional monologue about how much the film had changed her life. She went into detail about her own romantic life and said that Cooper’s performance only made Rancic fall in love with her husband, Bill Rancic, even more. All the while, the hustle and bustle of the red carpet took away from what Rancic seemed to have intended to be a deep and moving exchange. At one point, he even had to stop Rancic’s rambles to tell her he couldn’t hear her. Still, she plowed onward with her speech. Cooper didn’t seem to know where to go with this exchange and looked down in obvious discomfort. “We all just try to work so hard and never give up but other than that I don’t know,” was his halfhearted reply before looking for a polite way to exit.


The exchange seemed to be comprised mostly of Rancic’s own rambles, leaving the actor little room to respond. Twitter quickly began roasting Rancic over what many users felt was a lack of proper interview skills. Some even praised him for not walking away from her altogether.

“The Giuliana Rancic interview with Bradley Cooper was BRUTAL. He was uber professional in not walking away from horrific interview. WOW. Really hard to watch.”

Shortly after her exchange with Cooper, Rancic re-told the same story to the other star of the film, Lady Gaga. Gaga seemed to handle the monologue less awkwardly, earning herself points on social media.