Chris Evans Wins ‘Best At Supporting Actress’ As Regina King Takes Oscar

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

The 2019 Academy Awards ceremony is underway at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, with the first few winners already announced.

Regina King was the first winner called up to receive an award in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in If Beale Street Could Talk. King, who was seated in the front row, had opted for a stunning pure white dress with a deep slit up her thigh and a long train trailing behind her. Although gorgeous, the garment wasn’t exactly conducive to climbing stairs up to the stage to receive her Oscar.

Enter Chris Evans. The Captain America actor was seated next to King’s mother at the ceremony and immediately recognized the potential difficulty she may have. While King was still trying to adjust the front of her dress, Evans stood up and offered her a steadying hand to help her up the stairs to make sure she didn’t trip over the gown, Mashable reported.

He didn’t actually ascend the stairs with her, allowing her to have her moment by just extending his arm further up as far as he could until she had reached the top.

Of course, the Twittersphere went wild over the chivalrous moment, praising the actor for stepping up to help her without any obligation to do so.

“Chris Evans, what can I say? He’s the perfect man,” one user wrote. “Gentleman of the night,” another one tweeted. One even wrote, “sorry but the only white man left is chris evans.”

“The Captain. Always Our Captain. Chris Evans.”

Footage of the moment has also been posted by almost every Chris Evans fan to the social media network, with many using numerous heart emojis to express just how the moment has given them the warm and fuzzies.


It’s not the first time Evans has offered up a supportive arm to actresses called up to receive awards. Back in 2015, he also stood up to help Betty White up the stairs at the People’s Choice Awards to accept the award for Favorite TV Icon.

It wasn’t even Evans’ only shining moment at the event, and it’s not even over yet. Evans was on stage alongside Jennifer Lopez when the winner for Best Production Design was revealed. Black Panther took the win for that, with Hannah Beachler becoming the first black designer in history to take the award in that category.

As soon as Lopez opened the envelope, Evans gave a not-so-subtle fist pump at his side as he read the name, with a grin crossing his face as he silently celebrated the win.