Trey Gowdy Accuses Adam Schiff Of Seeing ‘Things Nobody Else Can See’ In Russia Probe

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of seeing “things that nobody else can see” in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, The Washington Examiner reports.

The former Representative for South Carolina’s fourth congressional district called Schiff a “three eyed raven,” referencing a Game of Thrones character, claiming that the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee “can see things that nobody else can see, says he has evidence, more circumstantial, not quite direct.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Schiff said last week that there is “evidence in plain sight” that President Trump colluded with Moscow during the 2016 presidential election, in an apparent effort to sway it in his favor.

Schiff’s statement came following rumors that the Senate Intelligence Committee does “not have anything” to suggest that Trump colluded with Russia. But Schiff also added that — while there is “evidence” of collusion — there is no evidence of conspiracy, which is the only possible crime Trump could be charged with, since “collusion” is not even a legal term recognized by the federal criminal code.

In the same interview, Schiff suggested that Mueller’s investigation will not be enough, and that the Democrats will look into launching more similar investigations.

Schiff often suggests that there is indeed evidence that Trump conspired with Russia, but not direct or circumstantial evidence. According to Trey Gowdy, his assertions are highly problematic because evidence can only be direct or circumstantial.

“By the way for those who didn’t go to law school, there’s no such thing. There’s no such thing as evidence that is not circumstantial or direct,” Gowdy, who also served as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, explained.

More recently, as per reporting from The Hill, Schiff vowed to subpoena Robert Mueller’s final report — if Attorney General William Barr decides to withhold it from the American public — threatening to bring Mueller in to testify before Congress.

Schiff’s latest statements came following speculation that Robert Mueller is, having indicted no one for conspiracy, wrapping up the Russia investigation and looking to submit a final memo to the attorney general. Clearly aware of the rumors, Schiff urged Barr to not withhold the report, but to publicize it, adding that President Donald Trump should be looking forward to the report’s publication if he has nothing to hide.

Trump denies colluding with Russia, and often criticizes Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors for targeting him.

According to Trey Gowdy, Schiff is not only misleading the American public by suggesting that there is evidence that Trump conspired with Russia, the House Intelligence Committee chairman also carefully picks on which networks to appear, choosing only those that won’t challenge him, and won’t push back against “his bombastic statement completely unsupported by the facts.”

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