Police Warn Against Keeping Guns In Cars After 8-Year-Old Shot At Mardi Gras Parade

On Saturday, two people were shot following a Mardi Gras Parade in Mobile, Alabama. The victims, a 17-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, were both struck by bullets and received non-life threatening injuries. Police arrested 17-year-old Isiah Carl, who they suspect fired the gun. Law enforcement believes the gun was stolen, potentially from a nearby vehicle that was left unlocked during the parade, according to WKRG News.

The evening had started out as a celebration, complete with food, music, and festivities. Mardi Gras originated from a Catholic tradition, which takes place before the liturgical season of Lent. Hundreds gathered in Mobile to take in the atmosphere. The night, unfortunately, ended with the eruption of gunfire. The two young victims were luckily only grazed by bullets and were rushed to the hospital. They are expected to recover from their injuries.

Meanwhile, Carl is facing two counts of assault. He’s also facing additional charges for unlawfully handling a firearm. During his perp walk out of jail, the teen faced an onslaught of questioning from the media about his motives and what caused him to open fire. He remained stone-faced and declined to respond. Police have not yet released further information about who Carl’s alleged target might have been but it is believed the 8-year-old girl was caught up in the crossfire.

Similar incidents caused by stolen firearms are becoming an increasing problem in the state of Alabama. As a result, The Mobile Police Department released a public service announcement warning against keeping guns in the car. If a license-carrying adult feels the need to keep a firearm in their vehicle for security purposes, they should at the very least, ensure the car is locked before leaving it unattended. Although it may seem obvious, firearms should never be left out in view so that passerby can see them through the window. Not only could this lead to a potential vehicular burglary, but it is an accident waiting to happen if the firearm ends up in the wrong hands.

“Don’t be the person to create a crime of opportunity, Lock It Up. By working together, we can reduce violent crime and make Mobile safer.”

The Mobile Police Department also released an informational video that urges the public to be responsible for the weapons they own. It’s essential to officially register your firearm and keep track of the serial number. Most importantly, keep your weapon secure by locking it up at all times.

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