‘Bachelor’ Star Caelynn Miller-Keyes Flaunts Cleavage In Plunge Dress On Instagram

Bachelor star Caelynn Miller-Keyes is keeping things moving on her social media with a brand new Instagram post from Los Cabos, Baja California. She sported a major plunge dress that let her flaunt her cleavage, as she sat on the edge of outdoor seating with her feet on the cushions. Caelynn placed her hands on either side of her, as she looked up towards the sun and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather. Behind her were beautiful tropical foliage and bright blue sky.

It appears that Miller-Keyes has been in Mexico since around five days ago. Her first post from Cabo San Lucas showed her popping her left foot against a dark wood door on a completely white building. Tropical plants could be seen on her right side, as she wore a casual strappy dress. Since then, she’s shared a photo of herself rocking a one-piece bathing suit and another shot where she sat against a muted orange wall at the beach. In that post, Caelynn looked chic in a green-and-white jumpsuit and brown brimmed hat.

Prior to jetting off to Mexico, the TV star shared photos from Los Angeles, where she shared some of her daily outfits. A post from a week ago showed her in a pair of ripped jeans, tan crop top, and black sweater. In a different post, Caelynn lounged in a chair wearing an oversized gray sweater and jean capris.


While most of Miller-Keyes’ fans are on Instagram, she also maintains an active Twitter page. She recently tweeted that her “# 1 rule in life: never fold under pressure”. Additionally, she retweeted a comment from fellow Bachelor contestant, Cassie Randolph.

“I think everyone needs to remember that these ‘characters’ are real people. Emotions run at a high on this show and we are in a very unique environment. While I very much appreciate the support, please do not drag others through the mud or bully in the process.”

The nature of The Bachelor does attract its fair share of haters, although the long-lasting franchise has proved that its formula makes for engaging reality TV with a cult following.

And as serious as it might get on the show, Caelynn seems to be keeping her humor intact, as she noted on February 11, “I’m just happy I didn’t get dumped in Thailand again. Thanks @colton.” She didn’t elaborate any further, however, leaving fans wondering who could have possibly dumped her in Thailand before.