Lady Gaga’s Date To The Oscars Has Been Revealed

Lady Gaga and her fiance, Christian Carino, may have recently gone through a split, but the singer-turned-actress isn’t going to be attending the Oscars ceremony on her own, she already has her date planned out.

According to Page Six, Lady Gaga has plans to attend the 2019 Oscars with her beloved manager, Bobby Campbell. Sunday night’s ceremony has the potential to be a huge life-changing night for Gaga, who has been nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role due to her riveting work in A Star Is Born, and Best Original Song with the movie’s lead track, “Shallow.”

Of course, Gaga is going to want to have someone by her side who has helped her cultivate her career from her beginnings as a singer and landing the Super Bowl Halftime Show, to her move to television and later her leading role in A Star Is Born. She’s been climbing the Hollywood ladder for years. Her parents are also likely to join her for the awards ceremony.

While the singer would have likely attended the show with Christian Carino, the couple reportedly called off their engagement, splitting in recent days after two years together.

Gaga and Carino were first seen snuggling up when she played the Super Bowl, and officially announced their engagement back in October, when the singer thanked her fiance in a speech at an event.

Christian Carino had been accompanying Lady Gaga as she made the round this awards season, but fans sensed that something may have been off after he skipped hitting the Grammy Awards with her, and she was seen without her engagement ring at the event.

Since Gaga was performing “Shallow” that night on stage, sans her co-star and duet partner, Bradley Cooper, it seemed odd that Christian wouldn’t have been there to support her.

The singer will again take the stage to sing the hit song at the Oscars. However, this time around she’ll be joined by Cooper, and the pair singing the song together for the first time on television will be a scene that fans won’t want to miss.

The performance is sure to be one of the biggest moments of the night, and fans could be in for a treat, especially if “Shallow” wins for Best Original Song.

Fans can see more of Lady Gaga, and find out if she takes home any Academy Awards when the Oscars air Sunday night at 8 p.m. on ABC.