Lolo Jones Asks God To Help Her Forgive Ricky Williams

Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) is long gone, but houseguest Lolo Jones is still keeping the discussion alive on social media. The summer and winter Olympian notoriously came in third place this season after her former alliance member Ricky Williams evicted her, ultimately taking Tamar Braxton with him to the final two. Lolo was furious at his betrayal and has let fans and her followers know she is still not over what went down in the CBB house.

In a new Instagram post, Lolo shared a video of herself practicing for the upcoming Olympics where she seemed to be struggling with her asthma. The athlete is crouched on the ground trying to regulate her breathing as her teammate is videoing her. The caption on the post explained what was going on, but then took a complete left turn as Lolo made it known she was still upset over Ricky’s decision to evict her.

“Praying I get thru practice… also Lord if you could give me a new pair of lungs bc I can’t breathe and my asthma pump is 50m away and my teammate is clearly recording me AND not trying to assist me with life saving skills in Jesus name I pray. Oh Wait Lord one more thing Also could you help me forgive Ricky Williams?…But like not right now but like maybe in 10 years I will be ready,” she wrote.

Tamar was one of the first comment on Lolo’s post saying she needed to forgive Ricky and reminded her that they were playing a game. The singer then also noted that everyone in the house “bull******d” one another. Tamar ended her comment by saying “”

Lolo responded back to Tamar, letting her know her caption was a joke and then suggested Tamar use her $250,000 to buy some more wigs. It appeared the jabs the two women took at one another were playful, but it’s still hard to tell as they had several heated disagreements in the house.

Soap Dirt is also reporting that Lolo took another jab at Ricky in an Instagram post from three days ago. According to the blog, Lolo changed the caption on a photo of her in the pool. The original caption suggested she was swimming in a pool where she drowned Ricky, but now it reads “Still I rise,” a lyric from a Katy Perry song.

Big Brother Season 21 begins this June on CBS.