Sofia Boutella Has Been Seen Out With A New Man

Sofia Boutella has been seen out on the town with a new man, Keean Johnson. The pair has since been photographed together, and it appears the 36-year-old actress is romancing the younger, 22-year-old actor. The recent photos of the couple demonstrate a happy, affectionate couple accompanying each other on various outings.

Keean Johnson stars in Alita: Battle Angel, and earlier this month, on February 5, he was seen attending the movie's premiere with Boutella.

"She didn't pose with him on the carpet, but they got out of the car together," a source said, according to Us Weekly.

Keean Johnson, who previously starred on Nashville, plays Hugo in the new film. His co-stars in the movie include Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Eliza Gonzales, Lana Condor, and Mahershala Ali. Johnson's other credits include appearances in a variety of television shows like The Fosters and Switched at Birth.

While the romance might seem new to fans, it appears the couple has known each other for some time. In fact, this isn't their first attempt at dating.

"They started dating about a year ago but broke up for a short period in between. They're super happy together and seem to be getting serious," another source said, according to People.

At the Alita: Battle Angel film premiere, pictures were snapped of the pair together, which has been a rarity to date. In the pictures, the couple posed together and appeared to be all smiles as they enjoyed each other's company. Boutella wore a sheer black dress to the occasion, and Johnson donned a navy-blue suit. In the photographs, Johnson affectionately placed his arm around Boutella.

However, there were hints on the pair's social media prior to the Alita: Battle Angel film premiere that Boutella and Johnson had established some kind of connection. Both Boutella and Johnson posted the same picture of Boutella doused in paint back in January, and they also tagged each other. The pair have created artistic photographs before, and Johnson had, in the past, posted other pictures of Boutella on his account demonstrating their artistic teamwork.

While it appears Boutella and Johnson have some chemistry, Johnson is not the only man with which Boutella has been recently romantically connected. A few months ago, Boutella aroused suspicions that she was dating her co-star from Kingsman, Taron Edgerton. Boutella and Edgerton were seen out dining together at the celebrity hangout Craig's, located in West Hollywood. Any possible hint of a romance blossoming between Boutella and Edgerton was never confirmed at the time.