Kylie Jenner To Offer Jordyn Woods $10 Million In Severance To Part Ways With Kylie Cosmetics, Per 'Radar'

Kylie Jenner is looking to cut former BFF Jordyn Woods out of all aspects of her life, including her billion-dollar makeup empire.

Though the two are not on good terms at the moment, Jordyn was still a big part of helping Kylie in launching her wildly popular cosmetics line. In fact, Kylie even collaborated with Woods on a makeup set, and named one of her lip kits "Jordy" after her friend.

But since the cheating scandal that rocked their world, Kylie is ridding her brand of Woods once and for all, according to Radar Online. A source close to the situation says that Kylie is currently working on selling all remaining inventory that exists -- and is letting Jordyn go for good.

"Kylie is not going to allow someone who isn't a part of her life share her company profits. That would just be insane," the source says.

For starters, Kylie lowered the price of her palette called Kylie x Jordyn. Kylie's February favorites -- which includes a Kylie x Jordyn palette -- was reduced from $130 to $100. She also slashed the price of her lip kit, one called Jordy, from $27 to $13.50. It has since sold out.

But even though she is cutting Woods out of the business once and for all, Kylie is going to offer Jordyn a pretty sweet severance package. This may be an attempt to cut ties with her while avoiding any legal battles with her former BFF.

"Kylie is going to offer Jordyn a massive severance that is somewhere in the $10 million range to walk away from this with no hard feelings," the source says. "She does not want to face any lawsuits and the last thing she wants to do is have to face off in court with Jordyn."

And Kylie is not the only one who is ridding her brand of Woods. The publication also shares that Khloe took down all photos of the 21-year-old that were on her Good American brand website. As fans of the Kardashian crew know, Woods did a little bit of modeling for KoKo's brand, one which is aimed at making jeans for curvier girls.

The family's world was turned totally upside-down earlier this week after it was revealed that Kylie's BFF and closest confidante, Jordyn Woods, had hooked up with Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. At first, the famous family didn't believe that Jordyn would ever do something like that — though most of them were not as shocked by Thompson's actions, especially considering his previous track record.

Now, the whole family has cut Woods out, and they're not on speaking terms.