Bethany Storro: Woman Who Threw Acid In Her Own Face Does First Interview Since Hoax

Bethany Storro threw acid in her own face and was not attacked like she initially claimed. Storro garnered a massive outpouring of sympathy from around the country after her story made national headlines.

During a Good Morning America interview on Monday, Bethany Storro apologized about saying an attacker threw acid in her face. Storro initially claimed than an attacker approached unexpectedly and threw the burning liquid on her, Radar Online notes.

Storro had this to say about the acid attack story:

“I made a mistake and I hope that people will forgive me and give me a chance because I’m a good person. I promise I am.”

The 30-year-old woman cried several times during the interview. When she first appeared in front of the media more than two years ago, her badly burned face was covered in bandages. Bethany Storro originally told the police that a black woman had approached here outside of a Starbucks in Vancouver, Washington.

Storro claimed that the woman said,” Hey pretty girl. Want something to drink?” She told police officers that after the short sentences were uttered, acid was thrown at her face, drenching her in the burning liquid.

Law enforcement officers were later able to disprove Bethany Storro’s stated chain of events. The Good Morning America interview precludes Storro’s upcoming book release. The woman who fooled America authored a memoir entitled, Facing The Truth.

In the book the woman who claimed she had acid thrown at her face, attempts to explain why she lied about the attack. Bethany states that she had an undiagnosed case of body dysmorphia disorder. The alleged disorder supposedly prompted her to douse her own face in acid.

Are you going to read Bethany Storro’s book?

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