Meet Henry Frye, Dakota Fanning’s Boyfriend

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Henry Frye has been dating Dakota Fanning since October 2017. Somehow, he managed to escape all media attention – until now.

Frye is shrouded in secrecy. In 2018, a journalist working at ET Online ventured so far as to track him down on social media, citing his Facebook profile in an article due to the lack of better options. As her investigation revealed in the piece published by ET Online, Frye is a born and bred New Yorker, and he studied at the University of Vermont. As to who he was, what he liked, who he was friends with – no information was disclosed.

As the same ET Online article prompts, Frye and Fanning became an item somewhere around the late autumn of 2017, after Fanning returned to New York from the shooting of the top-rated Netflix series The Alienist. At the time, the two were seen together at a private gathering held at the prestigious Jane Hotel in Manhattan. A friend highly adept at creating sensation-worthy photographs has succeeded to take a quick snap of the lovebirds, which she also shared on Instagram.

A month or so later, AOL published a story about one of the duo’s extremely rare public appearances. According to the piece, Frye is freakishly tall, has an impeccable sense of style – he donned a fuchsia jumper during the outing – and shares Fanning’s enthusiasm for sports. As it was also revealed, the duo attended various games together in 2017 alone, and there’s a good reason to believe that they both support the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks.

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In 2018, Frye and Fanning caused some serious stir at the Prada Resort Collection runway show – an event that has since then became known as one of their very infrequent public outings. According to The Daily Mail, Frye showed up to the show in a slick polo shirt adorned with an eye-catching pattern and a light brown suit, a combination demonstrating unmatched sartorial prowess. Somewhat intriguingly, the same article also pointed out that Fanning’s beau was a man of mystery. If The Daily Mail ventured so far as to make this claim, then there’s reasonable ground to believe that Frye is an expert when it comes staying away from the public sphere.

Fortunately, Fanning does provide plentiful cues as to why this could be the case. In an interview published by Vogue Australia, the actress confessed that she has never aspired to become a celebrity. Following her mother’s advice, she focused on her work instead, maintaining a modest, humble, and down-to-earth attitude when it comes to stardom. She also told the magazine that she couldn’t fathom the idea of dating a fellow star, for that would be simply too stressful. As she stated back then, her breakup with British model Jamie Strachan was messy and painful – leading her to take extra caution and shield her private life from the press all the more.

“I’ve always sort of dated somebody a little bit removed. I see the whirlwind of [famous people] dating [famous people] and it just looks so intense.”