MLB Rumors: Details On Possible New Deal For Bryce Harper Are Absurd As Giants Are ‘Desperate’ To Land Him

At this point, it would be rather difficult to imagine having a day go by and not wondering where Bryce Harper is going to play this season and beyond. There will come a time when he signs a deal with a new team and when he does, that contract is most likely going to be rather absurd. Manny Machado just received the largest ever free-agent deal in American sports history, but rumor has it that record is about to be shattered.

A number of teams have dropped out of the Bryce Harper derby with the Chicago White Sox bowing and the Washington Nationals making their final offer as Inquisitr reported. The San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and Philadelphia Phillies appear to be the frontrunners for Harper, which means his signing may come soon.

Machado agreed to a 10-year deal worth $300 million with the Padres, and fans have found that contract hard to believe. Making matters even more interesting is that executives of the ball club are still meeting to see if it is possible to sign Harper to a deal as well.

If they’re going to find a way to swing that contract, there will need to be a lot of parts moved around and money shifted as Harper won’t come cheap. As a matter of fact, he has already turned down numerous $300 million offers lately, and it has made his demands skyrocket.

Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area spoke with Jon Morosi of about the Bruce Harper situation and determined that an 11-year contract is “very possible.” Of course, the contract would likely have some outs after a number of years, but the base could be for 11.

Harper is expected to receive a deal that is larger than the one Machado received from the Padres, and that is almost a given at this point.

Knowing that an 11-year contract offer is “very possible” helps explain Baseball Tonight’s Buster Olney’s recent prediction of Harper being offered $400+ million. Some experts have thought that the former Washington Nationals slugger could be offered $330 million, but that number has now gone up.

Knowing that this is likely the type of deal that Harper will receive, it also takes out the idea that the San Francisco Giants were looking to sign him to a short-term contract.

Scott Boras, Harper’s agent, has been searching for the right deal for his client and he’s going to make sure it is received. KNBR reported that MLB broadcaster Matt Vasgersian spoke with Gary & Larry on Thursday and said that the Giants should honestly try to spend everything they have to land Harper.

If the Padres are able to sign Harper and pair him with Machado, it could bring about a “Super Team” of NBA proportions, but the Giants can stop that. Vasgersian believes the Giants desperately need someone like Bryce Harper.

“If I’m the Giants I want Harper, and I think that’s what the hold up is, I really do. I think Harper’s camp, and Scott Boras is an exceedingly bright guy, let’s face it. He knows that the need in San Francisco is dire for a player like Harper. It’s not just great, they’re desperate for a guy like him, and he’s going to try to play this thing out until the end.”

Should that information hold true, it could be the San Francisco Giants who are holding up Bryce Harper’s final signing anywhere. They were late in getting into the race, but they’ve certainly disrupted things for the Padres and especially the Philadelphia Phillies.

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