‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jordan Gravely Injured After Accident Caused By Blindness Striking Another Twin

New General Hospital spoilers confirm a rumor that has been circulating about a new twist on the way that will really shake things up in Port Charles. Franco’s confinement at Ferncliff is about to collide with Dr. Cabot’s blindness virus, and this will impact nearly everybody on the canvas.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, a lot of fans have speculated that a major car accident might be on the horizon. Numerous core Port Charles people are hitting the road this week for various trips, and that seemed to scream accident and injuries ahead.

More specifically, viewers had a hunch that Jordan might be a victim in this possible accident and be left unable to communicate. Whether she’s in a coma or otherwise incapacitated, this would leave Jordan unable to verify anything Franco tries to say about the deal they struck.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal new tidbits that confirm this kind of scenario is about to begin. They share that Jordan will be run down in an accident and it seems her life will be hanging in the balance.

Who is behind the wheel when this accident occurs? This is where the blindness virus comes into play. Apparently, Drew will be driving and go blind, setting off the string of events that leads to Jordan’s injuries.

Fans have been speculating that Jason and Drew may soon be impacted by Cabot’s virus since it’s already impacted other twins on the canvas. While it’s not known yet what has Drew on the road crossing paths with Jordan, it may well be that he is trying to catch up with Oscar, Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina as they sneak off to Niagara Falls.

When does this take place? It certainly sounds like the perfect Friday cliffhanger, but so far, General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed the exact timing. It does sound as if it happens either Friday or Monday, as Curtis will be keeping vigil during Monday’s show and has heartbreaking news for someone later in the upcoming week.

Obviously, Franco will be in a difficult position with Jordan unable to connect with him. Laura and Kevin will be able to clear his name once they are freed, but that’s not going to happen quite yet.

In addition, it looks like Lulu may regain her true memories about the attack and realize it’s Ryan who went after her. Regardless, Jordan being unable to confirm the plan she offered Franco will still make things complicated for now.

Will anybody else be injured in this upcoming accident? General Hospital spoilers suggest that the next week or two will be especially chaotic and dramatic for those in Port Charles, and fans will definitely be buzzing over how it all plays out.

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