‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculation: Port Charles Folks Hit The Road, Fans Suspect An Accident’s Ahead

There’s a lot going on in Port Charles this week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that even bigger twists and turns are on the horizon. In fact, many viewers are speculating that there may be a major car accident coming soon that could wreak havoc with several different PC families at once.

General Hospital spoilers know that car accidents or vehicle issues tend to be central to big developments for those in Port Charles. The baby swap came after Obrecht escaped during a car accident, and Maxie’s baby was born after vehicle issues with Peter. Then there’s Morgan, who supposedly died after a car explosion.

During Wednesday’s episode, several key Port Charles residents were talking about trips or places they needed to head. Oscar, Josslyn, Cameron, and another friend are secretly planning a day trip to Niagara Falls, and Franco needs to be transported to Ferncliff. Sam and Shiloh are talking about heading somewhere, and Maxie and Peter are making their way out of town to get a rush DNA test done.

With all of those people on the road at once, it seems almost guaranteed that there will be a wreck of some sort. One theory floating around is that Jordan might be hit in an accident and unable to confirm that Franco’s guilty plea was a plan she concocted.

It seems virtually guaranteed that the teen crew will be involved if a crash does happen, considering that none of them have an actual license. Oscar being gravely injured would be bittersweet considering his cancer battle, and seeing Josslyn injured could explain the upcoming Jax return that the Inquisitr has noted. Joss being injured could also cause issues with Carly’s pregnancy.

There has also been speculation that either Drew or Jason may end up on the road at this same time and that one of them may go blind and cause the accident. There are a lot of details yet to be unveiled with this twin blindness storyline, but it seems likely that Drew, Jason, or both will be impacted at some point soon.

Right now, there aren’t any confirmed General Hospital spoilers available that show a major car accident coming. She Knows Soaps does note that Curtis will be keeping vigil during Monday’s show, which could relate to Jordan being seriously injured in a wreck if she were perhaps riding with authorities to transfer Franco to Ferncliff.

It may well be that there is no major car accident coming within the next few episodes, but it seems as if the writers are laying the groundwork for something like this to go down as the teens head off on their adventure. Stay tuned to see what additional General Hospital spoilers emerge as these trips take place to see if anybody’s life will be hanging in the balance in the days ahead.

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