Turning Point USA Members Want Candace Owens To Step Down After Hitler Comments

Several chapters of the conservative group Turning Point USA are calling for co-founder Candace Owens to step down from her communications position in the organization. The groups took offense to the pro-Trump activist making comments that seemed to praise Adolf Hitler for what he did in Germany.

The Daily Beast says that the chapters at University of Nebraska, Omaha, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Colorado, Boulder have released a statement calling for Owens to resign from her position with TPUSA.

“It seems that controversy has always surrounded Candace Owens.”

The chapters put together a joint statement to say that Owens’ comments and behavior have alienated many of the group’s allies on the right.

“We have seen many hard working activists and chapters across the United States dissociate with Turning Point USA simply because they can’t align themselves with the rhetoric and statements that have come out.”

And the rhetoric the statement mentions is in reference to her statements about Hitler and nationalism. Owens and Turning Point USA co-founder Charlie Kirk had been on a tour of Great Britain in an effort to launch Turning Point U.K. when she was asked questions about nationalism and Western politics, says the Inquisitr.

In response to the question, Owens brought up Hitler as an example saying that she has no issue with nationalism, but it’s when nationalists try to take their plans globally, that’s when they get in trouble. She explained that she didn’t have an issue with the things that Hitler did in Germany, but when he tried to push his agenda throughout Europe, that’s when it became problematic.

“He was a national socialist,” Owens continued. “But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize.”

When the press contacted Turning Point USA for an explanation about the Hitler comments, Owens says that obviously, the German leader was a “homicidal maniacal globalist.”

The Daily Beast says that they asked Owens about her thoughts on Hitler, and she said she believes he was “the scum of the earth.”

The chapters of Turning Point aren’t the first to want to distance themselves from Owens. For nearly a year, Owens was advising Kanye West, introducing him to Donald Trump and reportedly opening Kanye’s eyes to the relationship between slavery and the Democratic party. Soon after the rapper’s appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, West distanced himself from Owens after making a number of odd comments on live television.

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