Walt Disney World Shares Major Epcot Changes Ahead

Walt Disney World is announcing big changes in advance of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the company’s parks in Orlando, Florida. Disney is also sharing new details about the planned improvements at Epcot, including a new entrance plaza and an additional pavilion which will focus on the “power of play.”

CinemaBlend says that the new pavilion will replace the Wonders of Life area, and though the new experience has not been named, it will be all about games, and it will be fully interactive.

At this time, the first glimpse of the new game pavilion is only available in an artist’s rendering, but it is supposed to look like the downtown area of a city where each building will look like stores, hotels, and movie theaters, each with its own activity. Details about the experiences are being kept closely guarded, but Disney is promising that it will be a “first-of-their-kind” entertainment.

At least some of the experiences will be related to Disney characters or movies, but nothing more is being shared at this time.

Some people were disappointed to see the Wonders of Life pavilion close, but Disney devotees were even more upset that the popular experience closed in 2007 and nothing had taken its place until now.

For now, the area which will house the new experiences is attracting attention because of construction, but it’s also sparking conversation about what the new pavilion will bring.

Drawings are also now available that show the new Epcot entrance in advance of the 50th-anniversary celebration. The anticipated entrance plaza will feature a new fountain and more green space, taking the place of the Leave A Legacy photos, which will be moved to the space just outside the new Epcot entrance.

Dirk Libbey of CinemaBlend says that even though Epcot is his favorite park, its entrance has always left something to be desired, especially compared to the other parks.

“It’s a lot of concrete and it just isn’t as welcoming as the other parks are. While this may be only concept art, it looks a lot more inviting.”

WFLA says that the plans for the remodeled entrance will not be entirely new, as they will pay homage to the original feel of the park. The new entrance will have pathways and new gardens including beds and an all-new fountain in the center. The Epcot redevelopment will begin between the Spaceship Earth attraction and the World Showcase Promenade and work its way forward.

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