Is Prince Philip Jealous Of Meghan Markle's Extravagant Lifestyle?

Prince Philip may be as royal as it gets, but he's never been allowed to indulge and frolic in the same materialistic meadows favored by the likes of Meghan Markle. The question remains, is the duke a tad envious of the duchess's life of pampered excess?

Despite being married to one of the world's richest women, Prince Philip has apparently had to endure quite a frugal lifestyle, according to royal biographer Kitty Kelley. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, does not.

The Daily Mail reports that the Duchess of Sussex recently enjoyed an extravagant $500,000 trip to New York City, where she spent five nights partying with Hollywood A-listers such as George Clooney. While in New York, Meghan stayed in a $75000-a-night New York penthouse. As a self-empowered female, Meghan leads quite the exotic lifestyle and one which would be unattainable to most.

Prince Philip, on the other hand, could certainly afford to live like a greedy hog at the feast, but according to royal biographer Kelley, Queen Elizabeth won't allow such craven indulgence by her spouse while she's on the throne.

The Express reports that despite her abundance of jewels, her grand wardrobe, her fleet of cars, her portfolio of palaces, her diamond encrusted prestige, and her sheer wealth, Queen Elizabeth has always enjoyed the more basic pleasure in life and expects her nearest and dearest to do the same.

The only trouble is Prince Phillip has always wanted a little more than just a taste of the good stuff.

Prince Philip looking at a book.
Getty Images | Jonathan Brady

Writing in her new book, The Royals, Kelley states that during a trip to Mexico, Philip was staying at a villa in Acapulco as the guest of Merle Oberon. While there, the duke supposedly "enjoyed being cosseted in superlative comfort."

"With Merle Oberon, Philip appeared more beguiled by opulence," Kelley adds.

"Although Philip was married to the world's richest woman, and accustomed to the highest levels of royal service, he did not live sumptuously," the book further alleges.

"His wife was frugal and accustomed to scratchy tweeds and sensible shoes. Her palaces were cold and draughty and required electric space heaters in every corner."
Kelley points out that this was at loggerheads with Prince Philip's rarefied tastes. For example, although members of the royal family usually fly commercial class, the duke once bemoaned traveling in anything but style and said, "If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort - provided you don't travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly."

No doubt the Prince would have applauded Markle's recent trip to New York and back on private jets, which cost an estimated $250 000. Now that's called having money to burn.