Melania Trump's Dress Looks Like Curtains According To Twitter

Twitter seems divided about a dress that First Lady Melania Trump wore for a Presidents' Day event in Florida, and while a few people thought it was a stylish choice, most thought her Gabriela Hearst frock looked a lot like your grandma's curtains.

The Loop took a look at the Twitter reaction to some of Trump's fashion missteps, and while the wife of the president can make almost anything look great, sometimes she really misses the mark, like with her flesh-colored pants which made her look nude to her single glove ode to Michael Jackson at the State of the Union address.

But while the dress that Trump wore on Presidents' Day is expensive and by a high-end designer, many on Twitter thought it resembled low-end draperies. Mrs.Trump went to Miami Nicklaus Children's Hospital to open a healing garden and a new intensive cardiac floor, but her dress was not very child-friendly for a pediatric event.

While other adults were able to get down closer to the floor with the kids, Trump stood stiffly by, and the Twitterverse was relentless.

"What is Melania wearing? It looks like the Mar-a-Lago curtains."
Others thought that Trump was more concerned about her outfit than the children.
"Melania, why aren't you down there with the kids? Afraid they'll spit on your expensive dress?"
Others thought that Melania Trump should be more concerned about providing children with health care than getting all dolled up for a pediatric event, saying that as an immigrant, she should think about the children of asylum-seekers.

Others gave her credit for showing up at the hospital while her husband spent the day playing golf rather than doing something charitable.

But one thing about Melania Trump's dress is for sure, and that's the way it was paid for, says the Inquisitr. The designer, Gabriela Hearst, publicly said that she wasn't going to give Trump any sort of deal on her designs because she dislikes the Trumps and the Trump administration. Hearst released a statement to say that if the first lady wants one of her dresses, she can buy one off the rack.

So when Ivanka Trump then wore a Gabriela Hearst dress at an official event. people assumed that she was throwing shade at her stepmother.

"@IvankaTrump is wearing this @gabrielahearst suit. Hearst is a vocal critic of Trump administration policies. Her 2017 collection was actually inspired by female Democrat Senators, including @KamalaHarris @SenDuckworth."