Spoilers For Thursday's 'General Hospital': Ava's Surprised By Ryan & Franco's Feeling Desperate

Viewers had a lot to take in during Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, and spoilers tease that Thursday's show will be a big one, too. Teasers have indicated that Ryan will make a big move and Ava will get a surprise, and now it's clear what these tidbits are referencing.

Warning! Do not continue reading if you have not watched Wednesday's show!

During Wednesday's episode, viewers saw that Ryan managed to hide Laura and Kevin in the basement of Ferncliff while Franco stunned everybody by pleading guilty in the courtroom. Laura and Kevin broke down the timing of when Ryan switched places with his brother, and Elizabeth tore off her wedding ring and threw it at Franco.

Ryan is quite tickled that Franco took the blame for all of his misdeeds, even though both Ava and Lulu admitted that something didn't feel right about the situation. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek into the February 21 show reveal that Ryan will apparently be propelled by this handy turn of events and look to take a serious leap in his relationship with Ava.

During Thursday's episode, Ryan will spend a quiet moment with Ava and propose marriage to her. She Knows Soaps shares that this proposal will come as a total surprise to Ava. It sounds as if she will probably say yes, as next week General Hospital spoilers reveal that she'll be anxious to share her news with someone.

It's not clear whether Ava will say yes right away or take some time to think about it. However, she had just been telling Julian about how much she had come to rely on "Kevin," so it seems doubtful she'll see any reason at this point to say no.

As for Franco, General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be anxious to share his side with someone. Jordan insisted that he couldn't tell anybody about their plan, not even Elizabeth, and it clearly tortured him to plead guilty in court and blindside her.

Liz stormed off after throwing her rings at him, and fans will have to wait and see if she gives him any opportunity to explain. It may be Drew, Scott, or someone else he wants to fill in during Thursday's show, but it looks like he might be stuck in a tight spot for now.

Soap Central details that as the week progresses, Ryan will head to the Ferncliff basement to check in on Laura and Kevin while Ava has another intense confrontation with Carly. Ryan will surely be anxious to marry Ava and get out of Port Charles, but Laura and Kevin are desperate and motivated to escape the Ferncliff basement and reveal the truth. Who will accomplish their quest first?

General Hospital spoilers tease that the next week or two will be wild ones as this storyline continues, and fans cannot wait to see all of the powerful scenes ahead.