Hottie Henry Golding Gushes Over Wife, Says That Fame Will Not Affect His Marriage

Kathryn Cook

While he may be Hollywood's newest heartthrob, actor Henry Golding still feels perfectly content in his marriage.

The 32-year-old has been married to wife Liv Lo for the past two years and they still seem to be very much in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. According to Page Six, the Crazy Rich Asians star recently sang his wife's praises in an interview, calling her the "best woman in the whole universe." The actor then went on to gush over his wife, sharing all of her great qualities.

"She's so strong, she's extremely loyal, independent. I wouldn't be able to do it without her, so it's wonderful to be able to have this successful, but also, it's wonderful to be able to share it with her."

"It's like everybody knows exactly who you are, and the way that they speak to you is different," he told GQ in a recent issue. "I've stayed the same throughout. It's just people's perceptions of you change. So I'm struggling with the fame a bit."

In the snapshot, the actor poses against a black and white step and repeat. He looks incredibly handsome with his hair gelled off to the side as he sports a black suit with a red zip-up shirt underneath. Golding puts one hand in his pocket and the other just in front of his body as he poses for the camera. In just a few short hours since having been posted, Golding has already amassed over 20,000 likes in addition to 100-plus comments on the snap. Of course, most of the commenters were ladies, many of whom chimed in to gush over how handsome he is.

Clearly, Golding is on top of the world at this very moment.