Reality Steve Weighs In On Episode 7 ‘Bachelor’ Drama With Cassie, Caelynn, & The Allegations Made About Them

Colton Underwood faced a lot of uncertainty and drama during Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. Accusations were thrown out alleging that Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes were not all that focused on finding love with Colton, and this left Underwood’s head spinning. Now, gossip king Reality Steve is sharing insight regarding what he’s heard — and it doesn’t look like full clarity is coming anytime soon.

Those who follow Bachelor spoilers know that the infamous gossip guru had shared scoop on this upcoming bit of drama long before it aired. However, in his latest blog post, Reality Steve says that there’s a lot unknown about what really happened here.

“None of us know 100 [percent] about the conversation that took place, what was said, and how it was interpreted. People who are claiming this is black and white are flat out wrong.”

Reality Steve says that based on what he’s been told, Caelynn — and Cassie, seemingly — did talk about the possibility of becoming the next Bachelorette at some point during filming. However, he explains, he’s talked to quite a few former female contestants — and they all said that this kind of conversation happens every season.

He went on to say that he doesn’t think Caelynn handled this well during Monday’s episode, and that she’s lying if she says the topic of being the Bachelorette never came up. Reality Steve says he “guarantees” it was discussed, but he doesn’t think it was discussed in the way that Kirpa Sudick and Tayshia Adams detailed.

Of course, later in Monday’s episode, viewers saw Cassie tackle these allegations too — and things got heated with Kirpa. Reality Steve points out that very little, if anything, about the allegations have been proven. The show didn’t share any video footage of this chat, if there indeed is any.

As Reality Steve noted via Twitter, it seems pretty clear that neither Tayshia nor Kirpa heard anything directly. Katie apparently was the one to hear this supposed conversation, and she didn’t share specifics before she left.

It’s possible this issue is tackled during the upcoming “Women Tell All” special, as Katie and Kirpa certainly should be there. However, it’s virtually guaranteed that at least two of the other three heavily involved here — Tayshia, Cassie, and Caelynn — won’t be involved in the “Women Tell All” filming.

The gossip king also points out that Katie, Kirpa, and Cassie all seem to be quite friendly with one another on social media. Interactions on social media don’t always tell the full story about what happened during filming, but the ladies do tend to be loyal to those they truly bonded with while doing the show.

Some might surmise, then, that Randolph has smoothed things over with Morton and Sudick — and that this supposed conversation perhaps wasn’t nearly as important as it’s being made to seem. As the Inquisitr shared earlier, Cassie has said via social media that she really wishes she could address all of this, but at the moment, she can’t, due to her contractual obligations.

Will any clarity into this drama come as the season progresses? The Bachelor spoilers detailed previously via the Inquisitr suggest that Colton’s concerns about his final ladies — and whether they’re ready for an engagement — will continue to be a hot topic. This supposed uncertainty could really throw things off as the season marches toward its finale, and fans will be buzzing about how it all plays out.

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