Cassie Randolph’s Frustrated With ‘Bachelor’ Drama And Having To Keep Her Lips Zipped

During Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Cassie Randolph was thrown under the bus by some of her fellow bachelorettes. This bit of drama had been a long time coming and it really shook things up as Colton Underwood had to try to sort through a complicated “she said, she said” situation. By the looks of Randolph’s Instagram page, she’s having a hard time keeping her thoughts on all of this to herself.

Shortly before Monday night’s Bachelor episode began, Cassie shared a set of photos to her Instagram page. In the first photo, Randolph looked frustrated or annoyed and the other three photos all showed the bachelorette with various facial expressions showing shock or similar looks.

In her caption, Randolph noted that she was required by her contract with the show to stay quiet, but it was definitely a challenge for her. Given what was set to play out during Monday’s show, and the fact that filming took place several months ago, it seems that Cassie was itching to tell her side of the drama set to play out and it was killing her to hold back.

In her Instagram Stories before Monday’s show, Randolph shared that she was wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase “I Feel Fine” on it and she said that was her current mood. Additional Insta Stories referenced an old tweet about people trying to control her and new tweets she’d posted that were clearly referencing this latest episode.

In one post on Twitter that was shared late Monday night, Cassie sarcastically tweeted about how she liked rumors because they gave her a chance to learn a lot about herself that she didn’t otherwise know. For those who watched Monday’s Bachelor show, it seems clear what she’s referencing here.

It’s pretty obvious that this is about the conversations several Bachelor ladies had with Colton over the past couple of episodes. During those talks, multiple contestants insinuated that some ladies, and more specifically Randolph and castmate Caelynn Miller-Keyes, were interested in becoming the next Bachelorette and weren’t feeling ready to get engaged.

Footage of the supposed conversation that sparked this drama wasn’t shown and as the Inquisitr shared, that’s led some fans to question whether this conversation ever happened. Gossip king Reality Steve had actually shared quite a bit about this situation long before the premiere aired, but obviously, Randolph feels that she’s being misrepresented in all of this drama.

As Bachelor fans buzzed over all of this across social media, Cassie shared another post on Twitter trying to settle some people down. She noted that emotions run high and she appreciates everybody’s support, but she asked that fans not be harsh with others from the show as a way to support her.

Some might note, however, that all of this is interesting when considered in sync with the Bachelor spoilers about how the season reportedly ends. The Inquisitr has detailed that if those spoilers are accurate, viewers haven’t seen the end of this topic yet.

Will Cassie Randolph get an opportunity to share her side of all of this? Is Colton Underwood right to be afraid that some of his remaining women aren’t ready to get engaged? The Bachelor spoilers tease that there’s still plenty more chaos on the way before the season ends, and fans will have a lot to buzz about in the weeks ahead.

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