‘The Bachelor’ Fans Demand To See Colton Underwood Fence Jump, Footage Of Caelynn & Cassie’s Conversations

Bachelor Nation is fired up after this week’s episode of The Bachelor. Not only did the ABC reality show fail to air Colton Underwood’s highly publicized fence jump yet again, but fans are demanding to see “missing” conversations between The Bachelor star’s frontrunners, Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

In one of the most dramatic developments on Colton Underwood’s season, during a pitstop in his Denver hometown, The Bachelor star asked one-on-one date Tayshia Adams who she thought three previously eliminated women were talking about when they warned him there were some girls who weren’t on the show for the right reasons. Tayshia named Caelynn and Cassie, telling a stunned Colton that the two women had been talking about becoming the next Bachelorette and that they had both said they weren’t ready to accept a proposal from The Bachelor star.

Tayshia’s comments were surprising because it was the first that Bachelor viewers had heard of such conversations. If such conversations took place, it would be surprising if they weren’t caught on camera.

In the end, Colton believed Caelynn’s side of the story and gave her a rose during their solo date, but not everyone was happy. Some fans accused ABC of “protecting” Caelynn and Cassie, who are seen as frontrunners and possible future Bachelorette stars.

After the episode aired, fans of the ABC dating show took to social media to demand to see the footage of Cassie and Caelynn talking smack about a Colton proposal and aspiring to be the next Bachelorette. Others accused Tayshia of throwing them under the bus to further her relationship with Colton.

And despite all the drama this week, nothing pushed Colton Underwood enough to freak out and jump the fence this week. For weeks, Colton Underwood and ABC have been teasing footage of the dramatic fence jump. Hours before the episode set in his Denver hometown aired, Colton teased the scene once again.

But once again, Colton’s fence jump didn’t air on the ABC reality show. Even as paranoia set in for The Bachelor star, as he lamented that his “biggest fear” could come true if he gets rejected by his final woman, he didn’t get upset enough to hop a fence, superhero style. Fans had a lot to say about it, as can be seen below.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison previously hinted that he may have something to do with Colton Underwood’s upcoming fence jump. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harrison admitted that Colton came very close to quitting the ABC reality show during the final weeks of taping.

“I mean, it happens a lot. It happens more than you think,” Harrison said of past stars of the ABC reality show. “There’s varying degrees of it, there’s varying degrees of getting fed up in how you express your anger, in how you express your emotions. He happens to be the most athletic SOB we’ve ever had, so he was able to express it like an Olympian [by jumping over a fence and quitting], but they all get there.”

You can see a sneak peek of Colton Underwood’s fence jumping at the end of The Bachelor trailer below.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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