February 19, 2019
'RHOBH' Star Dorit Kemsley Fires Back At Fan Who Calls Her Out For Being 'Cruel' And Abandoning Dog

Dorit Kemsley doesn't want her fans to get the wrong idea about her decision to give up a dog she adopted from Lisa Vanderpump's animal rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs.

Following a shocking report in which it was revealed that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her husband, PK, had adopted not one, but two dogs from the rescue center, Kemsley was called out on Twitter by a fan who labeled her "cruel" and suggested she stop adopting animals.

"Hey [Dorit Kemsley], don't adopt anymore dogs," the person wrote. "It's cruel to bring a rescue animal into your home, not have it trained by a dog professional that you could easily afford, and then hand the dog back when it IS OF COURSE GOING TO ACT OUT!! Just a thought."

In response to the fan's criticism, Kemsley fired back with a tweet of her own, explaining that she had attempted to train her dogs with the help of numerous professionals.

"I actually did have the best dog trainers here. More than one," she wrote.

During last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kemsley and her husband, PK, sat down with Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, and spoke about their decision to give their dog to a friend after it attacked PK's face and bit their two kids. Right away, Vanderpump assured Kemsley that she understood their decision to do so.

At the end of last week, All About the Real Housewives confirmed that Vanderpump had revealed on Twitter that Lucy, a chihuahua, wasn't the only dog Kemsley and her husband adopted from Vanderpump Dogs. According to the report, one of the dogs, Lucy, was given to another home while the second dog was returned to Vanderpump Dogs.

While Vanderpump addressed the issue on Twitter, Kemsley has not yet revealed the reason behind her decision to give the second dog back to the center.

Following Kemsley's decision to allow Lucy to go to a different home, the animal ended up at a shelter and was ultimately chipped then returned to Vanderpump Dogs. Sadly, Kemsley didn't know what was happening until the dog was returned and according to a Radar Online report at the time, Vanderpump was quite upset about what had happened with the animal.

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