February 19, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Laura And Kevin Reconnect, But Ryan's Determined To Keep Them Contained

Viewers were left hanging on the edges of their seats on Monday and General Hospital spoilers tease that there's fantastic stuff on the way as this week continues. Laura's decision to follow Kevin to Ferncliff revealed wilder news than she ever could have imagined and Ryan wasted no time in taking action once he knew she was there.

The latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares some General Hospital spoilers about where this heads next. Co-head writer Shelly Altman noted that while Laura had no clue what she was going to learn by following "Kevin," she pieced everything together as soon as she saw the real Kevin in his room.

As fans saw on Monday, Kevin did his best to convince Ryan that the supposed prenuptial agreement did indeed exist, and he's doing that out of desperation to stay alive and buy himself some additional time. After Ryan left Kevin's room, Laura walked up and Altman notes that Kevin really sensed her presence before she even realized who he was.

Where do things kick into gear with Tuesday's show? Kevin remains blind, for now, and Ryan drugged Laura, so they aren't exactly in prime fighting condition.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ryan will quickly manage to move Kevin and Laura to someplace other than Ferncliff in an effort to keep them hidden away from everybody else. Wherever he takes them will present a major challenge in escaping, but they're going to put all of their energies into getting away from their captor.

Altman teases that "between their wits and their skills, they work together to find a way out of their extremely dire predicament."

When will viewers see this next step play out? Based on the preview for Tuesday and the latest General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds as if fans might be left hanging until Wednesday.

Ryan will make a move on the February 20 show and Lulu gets an important call, both of which seem like they may be related to Laura's disappearance. When it comes to Lulu, though, General Hospital spoilers have shared that Dante will be back in contact soon, so it may well be that the phone call she receives is from, or related to her husband.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there are still some major twists and turns coming with this storyline before everybody in Port Charles learns the truth. Franco is being pressured by Jordan to try to lure out the real culprit and Ryan will be trying to get the pieces in place to secure a future with Ava before his scheme is uncovered.

Fans are anxious to get some closure on this storyline and everybody knows there will be some amazing scenes to watch when Ava learns that the man she's been with is really Ryan and responsible for the loss of Kiki. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as the action progresses to get a sense of what's coming up next.