Heart Transplant Recipient Falls In Love With Donor’s Sister

Seattle, WA – A heart transplant patient fell in love with his donor’s sister. Kellen Roberts, 22, died in 2005. His family made the life-giving decision to donate Kellen’s organs to others. The Seattle man’s sister Erin, and his mother, Nancy, worked with LifeCenter Northwest to find the right match for Kellen’s heart.

Connor Rabinowitz, 17, had been diagnosed with a disorder which caused his organs to become weak and enlarged, Fox News reports. If the Minneapolis teen did not receive a heart transplant, he would not survive. Rabinowitz was a star catcher before he fell ill with the genetic condition. He was on the waiting list for a heart transplant for 96 days before getting the call which would save his life.

The young heart transplant patient vowed to write a letter thanking the donor’s family and asking for an in-person meeting. Kellen Roberts’ family was more than willing to meet the young man who received their loved one’s heart.

Connor and his mother ultimately traveled to Seattle and met Erin and Nancy, the West Seattle Herald reports. The young heart transplant patient had this to say about meeting his donor’s sister:

“It was a connection at first sight. We hit it off right away and became friends.”

Over the course of the next four years, Connor Rabinowitz continued to visit his donor’s sister and her mother. Erin and Connor became grew even closer and became a couple in 2011. Connor recently moved to Seattle and spent Valentine’s with his donor’s sister for the first time.

Nancy Roberts had this to say about her daughter falling in love with the man who received her son’s heart:

“I miss my son, but I am clear in my belief that he is happy and understands and smiles at everything that has ensued since he left us. The world unfolds in ways that I cannot fathom, but I trust and believe in the way things are, and that all things happen for a purpose.

Wedding bells may soon be ringing for young man who fell in love with his heart donor’s sister.

How do you feel about organ donation?

[Image Via: West Seattle Herald]

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