‘Jessica Jones’ & ‘The Punisher’ Canceled By Netflix


Bad news has emerged for Marvel fans as two more television series have been given the ax by popular streaming service Netflix.

As reported by Deadline, the announcement of the cancellation of both The Punisher and Jessica Jones came just a month after the second season of The Punisher started airing. Jessica Jones is ending after its current third season.

The cancellation of these two shows marks the end of Netflix’s collaboration with Marvel, having already canceled Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Speaking about The Punisher, Marvel confirmed that although the series has been canceled, fans will still be able to watch the two existing seasons on the streaming service.

“Marvel’s The Punisher will not return for a third season on Netflix,” Netflix confirmed. “Showrunner Steve Lightfoot, the terrific crew, and exceptional cast including star Jon Bernthal, delivered an acclaimed and compelling series for fans, and we are proud to showcase their work on Netflix for years to come.”

Jessica Jones will also reportedly remain available for a while on the service.

“In reviewing our Marvel programming, we have decided that the upcoming third season will also be the final season for Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” Netflix stated. “We are grateful to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, star Krysten Ritter and the entire cast and crew, for three incredible seasons of this groundbreaking series, which was recognized by the Peabody Awards among many others.”


Marvel’s Jeph Loeb lauded the partnership with Netflix, one which was started in 2013 with the launch of Daredevil. Despite the cancellation, Loeb is grateful for the six years that the two entertainment giants have worked together.

Per Deadline, the cancellations have been doing the rounds via the rumor mills for weeks already.

More bad news for Marvel fans was also recently revealed shortly after the cancellations of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. None of the aforementioned shows can be rebooted on any other platform for at least two years, as the Inquisitr previously reported. This is due to contractual obligations that allowed Netflix the rights to create the shows in the first place.

This means that although Disney — which owns Marvel’s numerous franchises — is launching its own streaming service soon, they won’t be able to pick these shows up in order to give fans what they most desire, at least not without a two-year hiatus.

There has not yet been an indication as to whether Disney has any intention of rebooting any of the aforementioned intellectual properties once that non-compete clause ends.