Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Furious, Lulu’s Rattled, And Franco’s Resistant

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of February 18 kicks off with a big episode airing on Monday. The build-up to revealing the truth about Ryan has been a long and slow process, but things come to a head during this next show — and fans will not want to miss a minute of the chaos.

Laura started following “Kevin” during Friday’s show, and previews for the next episode reveal that it won’t take long for her to be left speechless. While Laura will finally realize why “Kevin” has been acting so strangely, she’ll quickly be facing an intensely furious Ryan without more than a moment to react.

Teasers reveal that Ryan will angrily note that now he has to deal with “both of you,” and General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s Kevin and Laura he’s speaking to at Ferncliff at this point. As the Inquisitr has detailed, Ryan reportedly takes Laura hostage — and she’ll spend the next few episodes reconnecting with the real Kevin and trying to figure out how to escape.

As Laura finds herself in the midst of a crisis, Franco will be lashing out at Jordan at the PCPD. She wants Franco to plead guilty so she can flush the real suspect out, and he will rail against this idea. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco will be especially resistant to saying he’s the one who harmed Kiki, which makes sense as he considered her his daughter.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Franco will be resistant, but it looks as if he will go ahead and follow Jordan’s lead. This will spark a lot of confusion among others in Port Charles, and may ultimately not even be a necessary tactic considering what’s playing out at Ferncliff.

Lulu is headed home, and it looks like Nina and Charlotte will orchestrate a surprise welcome-home party for her. Unfortunately, a surprise like this — given Lulu’s medical state still fairly fragile — will apparently nearly give her a heart attack.

General Hospital spoilers note that Nina will have an announcement of some sort, and it sounds as if this may be a shocker for Valentin. In addition, Charlotte will give Spencer a hard time over the tampering she knows he did during the recent election.

According to Soap Central, Charlotte will chastise Spencer — and point out that his actions have an impact on others that he may not anticipated. As this discussion plays out, fans might be curious to see if she can see some clarity in that lesson for herself, in relation to the bullying she’s been doing toward Aiden.

Monday’s episode also has therapist Neil surprising Alexis somewhere, and Willow facing some complicated questions from Chase. It seems likely that Willow’s real connection to Brad will be exposed soon — and viewers have to think that the truth about the baby swap may emerge not too much further down the road. By all accounts, the next episode will be a fast-paced one, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the entire week is going to be pretty wild.

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