Stephen King Offers $10,000 To Watch Trump Debate A Writer On Border Wall

Stephen King likes to get under Donald Trump’s skin.

The famous author, who has not shied away from giving his two cents on Trump’s policies over the last couple of years, has been critical of Trump’s narrative, which has sought to paint the southern border as a national security threat. On Sunday, King offered to give $10,000 to watch the president debate another writer on the border wall, according to the Huffington Post.

King was responding to a tweet by fellow fiction writer Don Winslow, whose The Border — the final installment of his trilogy on Mexican drug cartels — comes out later this month.

Winslow has attempted to tear apart Trump’s narrative about the southern border being a security threat for America. Winslow, who claims to have covered “every mile” of the border researching for his books, says the president has cooked up a “fictional emergency” by piecing together a few real events to paint a fake picture of chaos and crime.

“The narrative that Trump and his allies create is a flat-out lie about chaos on the border, when the people who live there, as I do, have reported the opposite: not an invading horde of rapists and murderers (most of those in the caravan are fleeing rape and murder), not a rise in illegal immigration (it’s been going down for years), not the daily slaughter of our citizens by illegal immigrants, but murders that are far more often committed by our own” Winslow wrote in a stinging piece published in Vulture last month.

“And, of course, Trump’s narrative disguises the biggest lie of all — that Mexico is responsible for the drug problem. The hard truth is that we are; that Americans’ per capita consumption of illegal drugs is five times the global average.”

Winslow recently challenged Trump to debate him over the border wall, saying that he would be willing to have a debate on Fox News.

For King, an ardent critic of Trump, this was the only temptation he needed. The IT writer chipped in with a promise of giving out $10,000 just to see the debate unfold between Trump and Winslow.

“I’d pay $10,000 to see that,” King wrote in response to Winslow’s tweet.

It remains to be seen if Donald Trump would accept the offer, which he is most likely to ignore, but the open challenge by some of the sharpest minds of this generation goes to show how much Trump’s prevalent narrative lacks substance.

Meanwhile, King continues to troll Donald Trump — something he seems to increasingly enjoy. The writer has already been blocked by the president for making fun of his tweets.

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