The Hills Frenemy Update: Lauren and Heidi Spotted Hugging

Right after Lauren revealed wishes to leave The Hills behind (and lamented those ripped-apart friendships), she was seen fraternizing with the enemy– Heidi Montag herself! reports that the two made up for real after a STK dinner last night, with Heidi breaking the ice by asking L.C. if she could congratulate her on her clothing line. Us reports that Conrad talked about the encounter afterwards, saying:

“Yes, it’s true. Heidi was at STK. She came in to the after party to congratulate me on the show. It was nice of her. I appreciated it.”

This is going to buy Heidi some more time on The Hills before Lauren peaces out and leaves the show behind. Clever Heidi! Now why do I think that good old Spencer had something to do with this?