Alec Baldwin Accusations Prompt NY Lawmaker To Demand Anger Management For Actor

Alec Baldwin accusations pinging around the celebrity gossip blogosphere have painted the actor as easily enraged — and some allegations that he used some racially insensitive language and stereotypes in a reported tirade at a New York Post photographer have surfaced.

The Alec Baldwin accusations have been denied by the actor himself — and he claims the tale is an attempt to slander him due to a long running media feud. But as the story gains traction, a New York lawmaker has weighed in and vociferously demanded the star be forced into anger management classes.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith spoke his piece about the Alec Baldwin accusations, taking the unusual step of opining that the Baldwin brother needs professional help to cope with the alleged anger issue he exhibited — that is, of course, if the claims are accurate.

Smith suggested that Baldwin be essentially blacklisted until he takes steps to address his supposed issues with anger:

‘’If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help … In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race, religion or origin.”

The Alec Baldwin accusations have prompted the star’s flak to keep a close eye on the brewing PR scandal — and one spoke anonymously to TMZ. The site quotes a Baldwin insider as saying Smith is not necessarily trustworthy:

“A source close to Baldwin tells TMZ … ‘As someone who’s been regularly investigated, [Smith] should be much more careful about jumping to conclusions.’ “

Do you give any credence to the Alec Baldwin accusations, or do you think the actor has been unfairly targeted?

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