February 17, 2019
Sharif Atkins Has Cameo In Tonight's 'Shameless' Episode

White Collar fans will see a familiar face in tonight's episode as Sharif Atkins – who played the role of Clinton Jones in the USA crime drama – has a brief cameo.

Warning: The rest of the article contains spoilers from tonight's episode.

Atkins has one short scene in tonight's episode of Shameless where he takes on the role of a child services representative named Peter who makes an unannounced visit to the Gallagher home to perform a house inspection after Lip opens up a case so he can pursue becoming the foster parent for Xan.

As Inquisitr previously revealed, the home examination does not go so well when Fiona is the only adult in the house, with three children (Debbie's daughter and V and Kev's daughters) tucked away in a playpen.

The first thing Atkins' character notices as he walks through the house is the massive hole in the floor from where Debbie and Kelly had recently pulled the furnace out of the home to replace it. He also can't help but question who was actually watching the three children in the playpen as Fiona revealed she had been upstairs fast asleep after answering the door.

While Fiona explains her sister Debbie is watching the children, Peter becomes skeptical when Fiona isn't actually able to find her sister.

Asking questions someone from child services would typically ask during a home inspection, Atkins wanted to know more about where Xan slept while she was in the home. To which Fiona responded with by saying "on the couch" which was not the answer he was looking for.

Emmy Rossum as Fiona answers front door to find social worker waiting to come in
Showtime | Chuck Hodes

Fiona did later discover Debbie and Kelly were outside playing with a garden hose at the time. By this time, however, Atkins was finished with his house inspection and ready to leave the Gallagher residence.

Just as he was wrapping up to head out the door, Lip and Xan returned home.

Lip had a horrified expression on his face as he knew the chances of the inspection going well with his sister Fiona in control in her current state was unlikely. While he tried to get Sharif's character to stick around long enough for him to explain a few things, the social worker explained he had several other appointments and he had seen enough of the house.

Showtime | Paul Sarkis

According to IMDb, credits attached to the actor's name reveal he will be in next week's episode as well.

The promo clip at the end of tonight's episode, however, shows Xan being removed from the house. So, his character's appearance may just be to return to the home to remove her after the home inspection went so poorly.

New episodes of Shameless air on Sunday only on Showtime.