Kylie Jenner’s Tunnel Of Roses From Travis Scott Likely Cost $67K, Source Tells ‘People’

On Friday, Kylie Jenner revealed a beautiful and romantic surprise that boyfriend Travis Scott left in her house for Valentine’s Day — a tunnel of hearts made out of roses. There’s no doubt that the gift involved a pretty large order for a lucky florist’s shop, but just how much could that order have cost the rapper? D.C.-based florist Ashley Greer told People that Scott likely spent upwards of $67,000 on the extravagant display.

Jenner shared photos of the surprise in her Hidden Hills, California mansion on her Instagram. The display included a mirrored aisle lined with clusters of candles and roses scattered on the floor. Three giant, heart-shaped arches constructed out of red and pink roses covered the aisle and led to a small pink LED heart on a pedestal. Another small heart-shaped rose arch completed the display.

According to Greer, the tunnel is a “modern twist on a very 1960s Old Hollywood Valentine set” often associated with Marilyn Monroe, whom Jenner happens to be a big fan of.

The display was likely created by the Kardashian-Jenner family’s go-to floral designer Jeff Latham. Latham is also responsible for the 20-foot gold tree that Jenner kept on display in her home’s entryway during Christmas, according to Bravo.

The first and largest heart, which was eight feet tall, was created using over 2,000 Red Freedom and Red France roses. Totaling up the price of each rose as well as labor and delivery fees, Greer estimated that the first heart cost about $25,000.

At seven feet tall, the second arch likely cost $20,000, while the others may have cost about $12,000 and $5,000. Then, there are the clusters of candles, the neon light, and mirrored aisle, which tack on thousands of dollars. All in all, the total for the installation likely came to somewhere around $67,300.

Scott and Jenner, parents to 1-year-old daughter Stormi, have been dating since April 2017. In recent months, the couple has set off countless engagement rumors as Jenner continues to sport flashy diamonds on her ring finger. Some fans are convinced that the two are already married, considering the fact that Scott and Jenner call each other “wifey” and “husband.”

Although the couple may not be engaged at the moment, marriage is not off the table. Scott has confirmed that he would like to propose to Jenner in the near future, but he needs to figure out a “fire way” to pop the question, Harper’s Bazaar reported.

“I need her with me to operate. She’s that one,” the rapper said. “We’ll get married soon.”

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