Elizabeth Warren Heckled At Georgia Campaign Stop, ‘Why Did You Lie?’

Elizabeth Warren was heckled by a protester who shouted “Why did you lie?” at a Georgia campaign stop, a sign that her claims of Native American ancestry may yet be a thorn in her side during her presidential campaign, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Warren, one of an ever-increasing number of Democrats who have officially announced that they are challenging Trump in the 2020 presidential election, stopped by Lawrenceville, Georgia, on Saturday for a campaign stop. There, she was met by a protester bearing a sign with a simple message: “1/2020.”

That’s meant to be a dig at Warren’s decades-old claim of Native American ancestry. She had been making the claim before she began her career in politics, although it wasn’t widely reported on until 2012, as noted by this Inquisitr report. After considerable criticism about her claim, however, including being mockingly called “Pocahontas” by Donald Trump, Warren took a commercial ancestry DNA test. The results showed that she had a Native American ancestor six to ten generations ago, meaning she is, at least, 1/1024th Native American.

The sign wasn’t the entirety of the adversary’s protest, however. After Warren began speaking, the man shouted, “Why did you lie?”

Warren, for her part, handled herself calmly, telling the crowd, “It’s OK, we’re good,” as the man was led out of the room by security. The crowd booed at the man as he was led out, and then, in turn, began chanting “Warren!” before the candidate resumed her speech.

Elsewhere in her Southeastern campaign stops, as USA Today reports, Warren used the occasion to mock Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in order to get his border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border built. At a stop in South Carolina, Warren told the crowd that Trump has a different definition of the word “emergency” than she does.

“I don’t think this is an emergency. The facts don’t support it. And the second is I don’t think it is legal. That’s why there’s already a challenge in court. Ultimately of course the courts will determine that,” Warren said. “I think he’s headed in the wrong direction here.”

She also took exception to Trump’s economic policies and how he announces them. Specifically, starting trade wars over Twitter.

“A trade war by tweet as the president has done, it makes no sense. It doesn’t make us build a stronger economy or help workers here in the United States.”

Elizabeth Warren is one of 11 Democrats who, as of this writing, have officially confirmed that they are running for their party’s nomination in 2020.

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