February 15, 2019
Lolo Jones Tells 'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans To 'Be Careful' About Tom Green

Lolo Jones is free from the Celebrity Big Brother(CBB) house, but the athlete is still talking about the game and its players online. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lolo has already bashed Ryan Lochte on Twitter, after fans began comparing the two Olympians and their CBB gameplay. Now she is going after Tom Green, her former alliance member -- and fans of the show are rather confused.

In her newest Instagram post, Lolo shared an image of herself with a messy bun in the CBB house. Fans of the popular CBS show began commenting on the image with their thoughts and feelings on her gameplay this season, and the bobsledder started to add a few comments of her own. One particular comment has stood out among fans -- one which regarded fellow houseguest and comedian Tom Green.

"Also be careful on the Tom green [sic] stuff. They edited and scrubbed the real Tom green. YouTube videos showing the real issues in the house of his behavior have been deleted from online," Lolo wrote.

Tom and Lolo had been in one of the season's strongest alliances, but their partnership with Natalie Eva Marie and Kato Kaelin dissolved somewhat quickly over the way Tom wanted to run his Head of Household. The two had several heated arguments in the house -- but when the Road Trip actor was eliminated, he had nothing but positive things to say about his former "Fun Five" member.

After being given the boot, Tom also told news outlets that he was rooting for Lolo to win CBB since she represented America in the Olympics. He noted that he was proud of what she does.

It's safe to say Lolo doesn't share the same sentiments regarding Tom, as she is warning fans about the "real" him. The Inquisitr also reported on comments the Olympian made regarding the editing of CBB, comments that showed that she felt Tom and Kato had been edited in such a way as to make them look better than their actual performances. Lolo believes the men were threatening to the women during gameplay, but not much of that translated to the show's live feeds.

Visitors to Lolo's Instagram page noticed the comment about Tom, and quickly began to clap back. Over 100 comments were left on the "be careful" note by Lolo, and finding one agreeing with the athlete was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fans of the show commented that Tom was never a problem on the live feeds, and encouraged Lolo to purchase the subscription -- and to use the rewind feature to watch the whole season.

"@lolojones we DID see the real Tom, which is why he won America's Favorite!!" one commenter wrote.

"@lolojones GIRL. You do know the lived feeds are unedited, right? The edit on the show went easy on you but people's main problem with you was how you came across on the UNEDITED live feeds," another CBB fan added.

Tom has not responded to Lolo's comment as yet.

Big Brother Season 21 airs this June on CBS. Julie Chen is set to return as host.