Man Who Told Bathroom Patron ‘There’s A Bomb In The Building’ Was Referring To Bowel Movement, Police Say

A man who told a fellow bathroom patron that there was a “bomb in the building” was actually referring to a bowel movement, police say.

The incident happened in Wichita, Kansas, where police say a man inside a Home Depot bathroom told an employee who was standing next to him that “somebody told me there’s a bomb in the building, you need to leave the building.” As WIVB reported, the employee asked the man again to clarify, and the man repeated the warning about a bomb two more times.

The employee then called 911 and put the man who warned about the bomb on the phone. It was then that the unnamed man revealed that it was supposed to be a joke and that he had heard another person in the bathroom say, “you all need to get out of here because I’m fixin’ to blow it up.”

The man thought it was funny because it was clear the other person “was in a serious need to defecate, and that he was attempting to provide a polite warning to the other patrons of the bathroom,” the police report noted. The man was reportedly a regular at the store and was known to employees — though not his sense of humor, apparently.

This is not the first time that a public bathroom incident has gotten national attention. Last year, police in Palm Bay, Florida, went on a four-day manhunt for a 20-year-old accused of recording two children who were using the restroom at a Walgreens store. As the Palm Bay Daily reported, 20-year-old Jonathan Kelvin Montaque was booked on charges of video voyeurism for the incident.

The mother of the two children said her two young girls went to use the bathroom while she waited in the store’s film department. The children noticed a man filming them through the empty spaces of a stall and left to tell their mother, who told a store employee. The employee questioned the man, who reportedly fled the store.

Police were eventually able to track down the man and charged him for the incident. His arrest attracted some national attention.

In Kansas, the Home Depot store declined to press charges against the man who warned about a “bomb in the building.” The man told police that he thought the employee understood the warning to be a joke and didn’t realize that “men’s bathroom humor… was taken so seriously.”

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