February 14, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ryan Gets Extreme, Laura's In Danger & Jordan Presents A Plan To Franco

Fans are anxious to see Ryan caught for all of the evil deeds he's done over the past few months in Port Charles, and new General Hospital spoilers hint at what's ahead. Things have already been pretty wild with this storyline, but it looks like even crazier twists and turns are on the way.

SheKnows Soaps shares that during Friday's episode, Jordan will have an opportunity to present to Franco. Viewers have seen that even she realizes that things don't seem to sync up quite right to make Franco the bad guy in this case, but she has no idea who is really responsible.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jordan will try to talk Franco into pleading guilty as a way to lure the real culprit out of the shadows. Franco will be hesitant to do this, and it seems it'll be even more complicated when Jordan insists that he not tell anybody else, not even Elizabeth.

It looks like Franco may agree to this plan with Jordan for the sake of trying to ensure his eventual freedom. As these two try to make that plan work, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ryan will continue to wreak havoc. During the week of February 18, he will make a move of some sort, and he'll be surprising Ava in some way.

In addition, Soap Central notes that Ryan will threaten Kevin again. During the week of February 25, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lulu will try to face Franco for the first time since she "remembered" that he's the one who attacked her, and fans will be anxious to see when and if she remembers what really happened.

As Lulu works on her recovery, more and more questions about Dante's whereabouts will arise. As the Inquisitr recently shared, Dominic Zamprogna will be returning soon as Dante for a short arc. Unfortunately, few details about what's coming up with this have been revealed.

Ava will have good news she's anxious to share with people, and it may be that she thinks she and "Kevin" are going to make it work to leave town together. However, things are going to blow up before that can happen.

Soon, things get especially wild when Laura decides to follow "Kevin" to Ferncliff. She'll apparently be growing suspicious of his odd behavior, and when she gets to Ferncliff, she'll discover that the real Kevin is there.

Unfortunately, Ryan will take extreme measures to keep his secret by taking Laura hostage after she finds Kevin. General Hospital spoilers detail that Laura and the true Kevin will work together to figure out the truth and try to find a way to free themselves.

All of this action is supposed to take place over the next couple of weeks. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it will be early March before Kevin and Laura can escape and let others know about Ryan. It should be a wild couple of weeks ahead, and fans will not want to miss where this all heads next.