February 14, 2019
'The Challenge: War Of The Worlds' Star Amanda Garcia Says Bumble Drama Was Not The Long-Awaited 'Bomb'

It's just two episodes into Season 33 of MTV's hit franchise, The Challenge: War of the Worlds and the show is already proving to be one of the best seasons yet. Season 33 has paired reality stars from around the world with veterans of The Challenge series, and the first elimination sent Final Reckoning champion Ashley Mitchell and Chase McNary home in a surprise elimination against Hunter Barfield and Georgia Harrison.

While the first "Killing Floor" battle was the highlight of the episode, some drama that went down before the competition is what has fans talking on Twitter. Viewers of the series will remember the Final Reckoning reunion special where veteran Amanda Garcia was supposed to "drop a bomb," but the secret was never spilled. Fans suspected the supposed bomb was about her partner and enemy, Zach Nichols. Unfortunately, the reality star decided to go silent on the reunion.

The bomb was brought up again in last night's episode, when the house erupted in drama. Zach's girlfriend, Jenna Compono, approached Amanda about the mysterious incident when the latter had revealed a secret about her ex-partner. According to Amanda, Zach was on the dating app Bumble after the duo were eliminated last season on Final Reckoning. Jenna froze at the news, and later asked Zach about the Bumble comment -- which almost caused the couple to break up on camera.

According to Amanda, Da'Vonne Rogers was a witness to Zach being on the Bumble app -- but the Big Brother alum didn't admit anything on camera. Zach eventually confessed in a confessional that he was on the dating app, but wasn't using it to search for dates or hookups.

Now, the five-time Challenge veteran is admitting on Twitter that the Bumble bomb is not the one she referenced online last season, suggesting an even bigger tidbit of information could be released soon.

"I haven't watched last nights episode yet but ALERT [alarm emoji] THAT WAS NOT THE BOMB. I REPEAT. THAT WAS NOT THE BOMB. lol," she wrote on Twitter.

Whether the mysterious bomb has something to do with Zach and Jenna remains to be seen, but the new tweet has viewers on the edge of their seats. Several comments on Amanda's tweet had fans begging to know what the news was, while others suspected she was just making things up for attention.

"If that bumble app had jenna & Zach shook imagine what the real bomb will do to them," one user wrote on Twitter.

"Why are you holding on to it? If you keep mentioning it why not just get it all out on the table," another viewer asked in a separate Twitter post.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.