Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Wish Each Other A Happy Valentine’s Day With Sweet Posts

Valentine’s Day is upon us and social media is being flooded with lovey-dovey messages today.

Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend, Wells Adams, are no strangers to sharing their love for each other on social media and today gave them yet another excuse to gush over one another to their Instagram followers. Sarah was the first one to wish Wells the best on the day of love.

The Modern Family star posted a series of photos to her Instagram account to celebrate the special day. In the first image, she and Wells have their backs facing the camera as they enjoy a kiss on top of a rock cliff that overlooks thousands of beautiful trees. The second photo in the deck shows Wells leaning back in the same spot, with Sarah putting her arm around him and laughing.

The last photo is once again of the pair sitting together on the top of rocks and both of them are leaning over their shoulders and smiling big for the camera. Hyland looks casual in a pair of jean shorts and a white crop top. She wears her long, dark locks in a high ponytail and accessorizes her look with a big pair of sunglasses, hoop earrings, and a yellow scarf in her hair.

Wells also looks casual for their hike with a white tank top, black shorts, and a red drawstring backpack on his back. And to go along with the sweet image is a heartfelt message from Sarah to her man.

“With you I feel like I’m on top of the world & I’ll always catch you if you fall… no matter how high we climb. I love you to Pluto & back @wellsadams,” she wrote. “I am so grateful and appreciative of everything you do for me. #happyvalentinesday #myperson.

So far, the 28-year-old’s sweet post has earned her a lot of attention from her fans with over 401,000 likes in addition to 500-plus comments. About an hour after Sarah made her sweet post, Wells shared a photo and a post of his own. In the photo, he and Sarah appear on a beach with soaking wet hair. Adams wraps his arms around Hyland and they both wear big smiles on their faces.

“Hey @sarahhyland, will you be my Valentine? I love you +1 more than anything you say,” he wrote along with the photo.

Like Sarah’s post, his has also earned a lot of attention from his fans with over 31,000 likes in addition to 60-plus comments. The couple did not share what exactly they will be doing for Valentine’s Day together but judging by their posts, it will probably be something pretty romantic.