Donald Trump Mocked In Italian Parade With Gigantic ‘God Emperor’ Float

Donald Trump was mocked with a float in an Italian parade that compared him to a character from a video game known as the “God Emperor,” Huffington Post is reporting. The artist says that it’s a statement about Trump destroying nations “with the economy instead of nuclear weapons.”

If you’re not a video gamer, or if you’re not familiar with the Warhammer 40k game (or the Warhammer franchise at all), you may not be aware of the “God Emperor.” He’s the ruler of the fictional universe within the game, and demands worship and obedience from all of his subjects; those who fail are persecuted as heretics. Bedecked in armor, with one clawed hand and the other holding a sword, he inspires terror in all who look upon him.

Italian artist Fabrizio Galli thought he was a perfect visual metaphor for Donald Trump. What’s more, Galli decided to put two and two together and create a moving robot sculpture that combines Trump and the video game character. The result was named “Master Drone,” and features Trump’s head atop the Emperor’s costume, complete with a clawed hand. In his right hand, his sword bears the familiar bluebirds of Twitter at the hilt – a symbol of Trump using Twitter as a metaphorical sword.

The float, which appears to be at least 50 feet high if not taller, debuted last weekend at the annual Viareggio Carnevale parade in Italy.

You can’t see it, but the sword contains the phrase “here’s your f**king tariffs.”

Galli says it’s a commentary on Trump trying to destroy the world economically.

“It’s a joke, but in fact he’s trying to destroy nations with the economy instead of nuclear missiles. This is one of the strongest actions, let’s say, that powerful people like Trump can use.”

Galli further explained that the grandiosity and ferociousness of the work represent Trump’s grandiose visions for America.

“Donald wants to go back to the moon, travel to Mars and create the first space army. Ultras Marines? Mega Marines? The time of intellectuals, philosophers and of old and worn culture is over. We have entered the era of fantasy, video games and virtual life.”

This is not the first time Trump has been mocked via a parade float. In July 2018, a group of Londoners crowdfunded some money together and created the Trump Baby Blimp, which floated above the protesting crowds when Trump visited the U.K.

Facsimiles of the blimp have turned up at anti-Trump protests across the U.S. as well, including most recently at a counter-protest to a Trump rally in El Paso, Texas.

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