Beth Chapman Outraged By Theft Of 95-Year-Old Man’s Wallet, Fans Agree

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Beth Chapman of the reality television show Dog the Bounty Hunter may be heavily focused on her current cancer battle, but she is keeping tabs on local news stories of interest as well — and she recently shared one in particular that left her outraged. Chapman shared the details of the incident via her Facebook page, and it looks like her followers agreed with her take on the situation.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Beth Chapman recently learned that her cancer has returned. While she went through surgery, and has been doing additional treatments — both traditional and holistic — the Dog the Bounty Hunter star has been told that her cancer is incurable this time.

Despite her illness, Chapman is staying as active and as involved in the world around her as she can. She shared a variety of posts via her social media pages, and fans couldn’t help but pick up a sense of her passion for crime-related topics in a recent Facebook post of hers.

Beth shared a link to an article from the Star Advertiser to her page. The story was about a man who was accused of theft after stealing another man’s wallet from an Oahu market. The trial related to the incident just ended, and the judge handed out a sentence of just 15 days in jail with credit for time already served.

Remik Ungeni, the 49-year-old suspect, was found guilty of fourth-degree theft after stealing the wallet of a 95-year-old man. It seems there is a separate case against Ungeni still in play, one wherein he stands accused of grabbing a purse or wallet from an 80-year-old woman during a different incident.

Video of the original incident had been captured on video, and went viral across Hawaii. Hawaii News Now detailed that the elderly man, named Lupo Fernandez, was buying fish when Ungeni hovered around him, and then snatched the older man’s wallet. Fernandez is said to be hard of hearing, and also doesn’t speak English. The surveillance video shows him looking stunned after his wallet was stolen.

Luckily, Ungeni was apprehended relatively quickly. The property manager of the complex where Ungeni lives recognized him on the video that went viral, and the man has now been connected to the similar theft of the 80-year-old woman’s property that took place last summer. He faces a trial for that incident in April.

Ungeni received just 15 days in jail for the theft of Fernandez’s wallet, and Chapman seemed to think this entire situation was outrageous. Many of Beth’s Facebook followers shared their disgust for the stunningly short sentence that Ungeni received. In addition, some noted that they just wanted to hug the elderly victim seen in the background of the photo.

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Along with numerous comments about the story itself, some of Chapman’s fans noted that they missed Beth and Duane — and were hoping that she would be getting better. While the reality television couple is heavily focused on Beth’s health and treatments, they are also working on another show. The Inquisitr has noted that the new series will be titled Dog’s Most Wanted, and it will air on WGN.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are thrilled that Beth Chapman continues to be so active on her social media pages as she pushes forward with this cancer battle. Whether she’s sharing family updates, health updates, or stories of interest, her followers flock to share their support in every way they can.