Harry and Cara: Together Again?

Are Harry and Cara back together? Rumors swirled Monday morning about One Direction band member Harry Styles, recently the focus of a well-publicized breakup with Taylor Swift. As Rebecca Merriman of Entertainment Wise reported, Harry was spotted joining an attractive blonde in the DJ booth at The Box nightclub.

Harry may have a type that attracts him — long-legged, blonde, and beautiful. Merriman reports that the lovely lady at the London Fashion Week party was, in fact, DJ Chelsea Leyland.

Harry and Cara have never confirmed a romance, but they have been linked by gossip even when Harry was allegedly involved with Taylor Swift. During the tempestuous two-month involvement with the blonde country singer, Styles was reportedly still interested in high fashion model Cara Delevingne, a former “friend.”

According Toyin Owoseje at International Business Week, many reports suggest that Swift dumped Styles after snooping through his messages to find texts from other girls. Like many country singers, Swift uses her difficulties in finding true love to advance her career. At this point, she has become so infamous for writing bitter breakup songs about her exes that one can’t help wondering if she was looking for material when she searched Harry’s phone.

However, IBM’s unnamed sources told Owoseje that Styles himself ended the stormy relationship with Swift because he couldn’t forget Delevingne. They also suggest that the texts in question did involve exchanges with Delevingne, not necessarily random “other girls.”

However, Harry has to convince Cara. The Victoria’s Secret and Burberry supermodel denies that the relationship was serious. Grilled by Grazia Daily, Delevingne called him “a good friend,” the kiss of death to romance. “The whole thing is that everyone’s been linked to him,” the beauty continued.

According to Merriman, Styles ending up leaving the party alone, with neither blonde bombshell at his side. Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne was reported to be at a private house party in Notting Hill with another beautiful friend, Rita Ora.

Fans on Twitter found the news hard to accept. IDGlobal tweeted a thought shared by many:

“Seriously, guys, how perfect would this be? Harry and Cara, you are beautiful humans.”

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