‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Second Place Winner Ricky Williams Discusses Different Final Two Outcomes

Wednesday night was the finale of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, and Ricky Williams might have made a $250,000 mistake. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tamar Braxton took home the big win of the season and became the second woman to win CBB. Ricky won the final Head of Household (HOH) competition of the season, which gave him the power to evict two more houseguests, leaving him with one other player in the final two. Ricky had the choice to decide who he sat next two, and he ended up choosing Tamar and evicted Dina Lohan and Lolo Jones in a split second.

Tamar won unanimously over Ricky by a vote of 9-0, and afterward it was time for the former NFL player to reflect on how things might have been different if he took Lolo or Dina to the end. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Ricky shortly after he took home second place and questioned him over all the possible outcomes that could have been.

“It’s hard to answer that question because that thought never crossed my mind. And coming down to the final two, their consideration of how many votes that I would get, it honestly never crossed my mind. It really didn’t. I’m a competitor, and I liked to compete more than I actually liked to win,” he replied when asked about taking Dina or Lolo to the end.

Lolo and Dina both had more friends in the house than Ricky did, so it would have been a tough vote no matter which woman he took to the end. Dina was the only player left standing who had not won a competition the entire season and might have been his best bet to take to the end if the jurors were going to vote based on the best gameplay.

This season, the jurors seemed to vote based on friendships and hurt feelings in the house which undoubtedly gave Tamar the upper hand. Tom Green and Kato Kaelin had wanted Ricky out of the house very early in the game but were never successful in their plan. Despite having issues with Tamar in the end, Tom and Kato’s vote for the reality star to win wasn’t a surprise.

Natalie Eva Marie would have definitely voted for Lolo over Ricky if the bobsledder made it to the final two and would have voted for Ricky if he opted to take Dina to the end.

Based on gameplay, alliances, and friendships in the house, Ricky was more than likely going to lose to any woman he took to the final two. His second place winning of $50,000 was probably the best case scenario regardless of who he chose.

Big Brother Season 21 will return this June with Julie Chen hosting.

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