Here’s Why 21 Savage Could Be Deported

Kevin WinterGetty Images

21 Savage might be out of ICE custody for now, but he’s not out of the woods when it comes to deportation. A deep dive into Savage’s case shows that at some point the rapper might be able to move to the United States for good with an approved visa. In all likelihood, he will first be deported back to the United Kingdom to wait for his visa application to be approved.

TMZ is reporting that 21 Savage was the target of an arrest on Super Bowl Sunday which put him into ICE custody, and it was always about his status. The decision to arrest the rapper was made months ago by the Atlanta bureau of ICE due to a prior drug conviction in 2014. But what the Atlanta ICE office didn’t see was that the conviction was vacated, so Savage’s record is clean.

It was due to the miscommunication about Savage’s record that he was denied bond initially, so after that matter was cleared up, he should have been released pending his hearing. Well, things didn’t shake out that way because instead of acknowledging the error and releasing Savage, a source who is involved in the case says that the D.C. office of ICE decided to hold onto the rapper anyway.

“ICE in D.C. IGNORED the fact that the conviction was erased and doubled down, saying 21 should NOT be released.”

21 Savage ticks all the boxes to be able to remain in the U.S. He has dependents in the country, he’s been here for over 10 years, he has no felony convictions, and he submitted his visa application back in 2017. So what’s the problem?

TMZ says there are no problems except for new changes in the Trump immigration policies.

“There are no obstacles in his way… EXCEPT TRUMP.”

Under Bush and Obama, 21 Savage would have been in the clear, but with the recent changes in the Trump policy, Savage would have to wait for his application to be approved back in England, and the process can take up to four years, meaning he wouldn’t be able to return to the United States, even for a visit, until his visa is approved.

Savage was released from custody and told that he could leave the country voluntarily without being deported, but instead he has chosen to stay and fight through legal channels.

This is bad news for Joe Giudice, another celebrity in a high-profile deportation case, but unlike 21 Savage, Giudice of RHONJ fame does have a felony conviction, says the Inquisitr. Giudice is still currently behind bars but is scheduled to be deported back to Italy after he serves his sentence. If Savage was to be deported to the U.K. with a clean record, this doesn’t bode well for Giudice, who was convicted with his wife Teresa of more than one felony.