Russell Wilson Posts Heartfelt Instagram Video About Why Ciara Is His 'Greatest Love'

Russell Wilson is kicking off Valentine's Day with a special message for his wife, Ciara. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback took to his Instagram account to show her once again how much she means to him by participating in the #GreatestLove hashtag that has circulated the platform this week.

Wilson created a video on Wednesday of him sitting on a couch while proclaiming his love to Ciara. In the video, he lists several reasons why he loves his wife, mentioning how she inspires him through her work to "make the world a better place," and her dedication as a mother to their children. The video received more than 2,000 comments, including Ciara who said "My face is hurting from the smile this gave me. You always make me speechless. #Blessed"

The pair began dating shortly after Ciara, 33 ended her relationship with rapper Future in 2014 after he was allegedly unfaithful during their relationship. Ciara and Wilson first went public in April 2015 at the White House State Dinner. Soon after, they were engaged and married in 2016.

They currently have a 2-year-old daughter, Sienna, and Wilson is stepfather to the "Body Party" singer's 4-year-old son, Future Zahir. The NFL player has a seemingly great relationship with his stepson, even though there is an ongoing feud with the child's father. TMZ reported that Future, 35, feels that Wilson is "weak" and is easily controlled by Ciara. In his Instagram video, Wilson playfully addressed the rumors, saying he does, in fact, do everything she says.

Ciara also recently gushed about her husband and his impact on her life. The wife and mother spoke at the 2019 Makers Conference about how the years she's shared with Wilson have been her best ones yet, Yahoo! reports. She said he helps to make her who she is and his strength makes her better.

"I'm a strong woman but I need a strong man by my side, and I know I can do anything that I put my mind to. But I think at some point in time it's good to let somebody also do some stuff for you too," she explains. "The best thing is when you have a man that's strong. A strong man that's smart and wise and also loves you and has your back and lifts you up and empowers you."

The singer also discussed her latest venture, Beauty Marks Entertainment. The company will intersect music with fashion, tech, film, and philanthropy and is the singer's first step into entrepreneurship, with her man by her side.