Valerie Bertinelli Blasts TV Land For Canceling 'Hot In Cleveland' Before Its Time

Victoria Miller

Valerie Bertinelli's TV Land sitcom ended four years ago, but she's still angry about how it went out. The 58-year-old actress, who starred as Melanie Moretti for six seasons on the comedy hit Hot In Cleveland, told the Wrap that she is still fuming over TV Land's decision to cancel the top-rated show back in 2015.

"I'm still p*ssed off that TV Land canceled us. I think it was the stupidest thing they ever did."

After Hot in Cleveland was canceled, Bertinelli -- who started her TV career in the 1970s as a teen sitcom star on the original One Day at a Time -- told Global News that she and her co-stars were grateful for their roles on Hot in Cleveland because middle-aged and older actresses often have trouble finding meaningful acting jobs.

"Then they canceled us because they wanted to put on younger shows," Bertinelli said of TV Land.

While Martin had hoped that Hot in Cleveland would go on for eight seasons, she told THR that -- in a strange way -- she felt that it was time to wrap up when it did.

"I think TV Land's new direction was a big part of it," Martin said of the cancellation in 2015. "We'll see if that ends up working... I would have been happy to do more seasons, but it felt a little like it was time. We're so proud of everything we did. Betty is healthy and everyone is good. So maybe it was best that it ends with everything on a high note."

Valerie Bertinelli moved on from her TV Land acting gig to host the Food Network shows Valerie's Home Cooking, Kids Baking Championship, and the upcoming Family Food Showdown. But for those still missing Bertinelli's show, the complete DVD set for the Hot In Cleveland series can be purchased on Amazon -- or can be streamed via Amazon Prime Video.