February 13, 2019
NFL Trade Talk: Baltimore Ravens To Trade Joe Flacco To Denver Broncos

Everyone had a feeling that it was coming, but it actually took place before the new NFL season even began. After sitting out most of last season due to injury and being replaced by Lamar Jackson, quarterback Joe Flacco is on his way out of Baltimore. The Ravens have agreed to send the former Super Bowl MVP to the Denver Broncos once the new league year begins in mid-March.

Fans are only a couple of weeks removed from the New England Patriots' victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, but it's never too early to start the next season. The first move of the offseason was officially made on Wednesday morning as the big trade was not made, though it was indeed agreed to in principle.

The 2019 league year doesn't officially begin for the NFL until March 13, 2019. No signings or moves or trades or any type of transaction can be done until that date, but teams can talk to one another and get some things moving and in place.

As reported by Pro Football Talk, that is what has happened with the Ravens and Broncos, who have agreed to this deal for Flacco. The quarterback will head to Denver to compete with Case Keenum for the starting spot, while Baltimore will receive a mid-round pick, believed to be a fourth-rounder, in return.

Last season, Flacco missed a lot of time due to a hip injury, which kept him out of games beginning in the middle of the season. He only ended up playing in nine games and by the time he was healed up enough to return, the starting quarterback job had already been turned over to Lamar Jackson.

Jackson led the Ravens to a playoff berth, which saw them lose 23-17 to the Los Angeles Chargers in the wild-card round. The young quarterback did more than enough, though, to keep him playing for the Ravens last season and it appears obvious that the team will stick with him.

As for Joe Flacco, he will head to Denver where he will compete for the starting spot, but it wouldn't be surprising to see him win it. His main competition will be Case Keenum, but the Broncos do also have Kevin Hogan on the roster, as well as Garrett Grayson on the practice squad.

The Baltimore Ravens will carry over $16 million in dead money on their 2019 salary cap, even though the trade saves them about $10.5 million. Talks between the Ravens and Denver Broncos began on Monday of this week and just two days later, Joe Flacco's move to another team in the AFC was agreed upon. Now, a little time needs to pass and the trade will be made official once the new NFL year begins.