Lindsay Lohan Calls Out Leonardo DiCaprio For Not Doing Enough For Animal Rights

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has always strived to use his platform for good, whether that be promoting awareness about climate change or advocating for animal protection. The 44-year-old recently shared a gruesome photo on social media to spark awareness about the shark fin trade. This malicious activity involves cutting the fins off of sharks to be traded or sold. The body is then dumped callously back in the ocean to slowly bleed to death. Not only does this practice further endanger rare shark species, but it is incredibly inhumane. In the photo’s caption, DiCaprio pleaded with his followers to speak up about this issue and work toward a legislative change, according to the Daily Mail.

Although this practice is illegal in the United States, nearly 73 million sharks are killed each year due to the shark fin trade. Because these types of products are considered to be in such high demand, hunters continue to engage in this practice in secret. DiCaprio is doing his part to bring awareness toward this type of trade and hopes others will do the same.

“While shark finning is illegal in the U.S., the demand for fins drives this horrible practice, and the U.S. participates in this demand by allowing the buying and selling of shark fins. DO YOUR PART! Tell your representative in Congress to ban the sale of shark fin products in the U.S. to help protect sharks by following the link in our bio. #FinBanNow.”

Although many of his followers commended DiCaprio for shedding light on such a tragic issue, not everyone liked the post. Lindsay Lohan commented on the photo, saying cryptically, “I hope you are there and taking this photo. Maybe with @4ocean.”

Lohan’s comment seems to suggest that rather than just talking about the issue at hand, DiCaprio should be at the front lines doing something more direct to stop it. Many of his followers took offense to her remark, turning the tables to ask her what she is doing to take action herself. Some users called out Lohan, bringing up her past drug and alcohol abuse and questioning how she could expect others to take her seriously.

DiCaprio did not respond to Lohan’s remark but continues his own efforts to create a better world. In fact, his own non-profit foundation has raised over $100 million throughout the years to fight against climate change. The organization also works to protect the habitats of endangered species and fight against extinction.

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